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cre8ivate | LIFT OFF | GENvision

cre8ivate - Bold Students,
Brave Educators

There's one thing that teachers and students agree on; students stop paying attention when the subject material is not relatable. cre8ivate strategically intersects areas of current PreK-12 student interests with exposure to areas in our growing workforce to provide a comprehensive and captivating learning experience. 

Our aim is to provide opportunities for students to create and practice the art of what's possible. cre8ivate consists of a healthy balance of right-brain, left-brain learning experiences designed to prepare students for the global innovation revolution.


Through our experience-centered curriculum, we've impacted over 3.6M PreK-12 and homeschooled students since 2014.

To request more information or to apply for access to our educator portal, please email us.


Many high schools offer STEM-centered lessons to students but at times, fail to connect their classrooms to real-world projects and companies. Without this important bridge, data shows that students are failing to retain the material covered in classes for more than 1 academic year.

Since 2018, Lift Off not only enhances what students learn year-round in school, but many times, is the first introduction to skills such as networking, critical thinking, emerging technology, peer-to-peer collaboration, and more. When students leave Lift Off and return to their classrooms, they return as leaders prepared to challenge their schools to become even better. 


Breach plays a critical role in addressing the consistent decline of quality education across the world as well as igniting the global technology talent pipeline.






High School Graduation Rate


Home State Retention


BREACH LEAGUE | Wave | TractionGEN

Power UP!

Competitive and casual gaming structure. Student tournaments. The game titles you love in Virtual Reality. This is Breach League EDU. Power Up and Game Everywhere. 


Breach League revolutionizes the game day experience for professional sports organizations and fans alike, ushering in a new era of excitement and engagement. Through immersive gaming and virtual reality activations, Breach League elevates the traditional spectator experience to new heights. 

For fans and ticket holders, Breach League transforms game day into an unforgettable adventure. Through VR simulations, fans can step into the shoes of their favorite athletes, experiencing the thrill of competition firsthand. Interactive gaming zones, competitions and play by play commentary stations add an extra layer of excitement, creating a dynamic atmosphere that keeps fans engaged before, during, and after the game. Whether it's competing in virtual tournaments or exploring immersive fan zones, Breach League ensures that every fan has a memorable and immersive experience.

Our approach to partnerships and collaborations originated in the classroom and continues to find success on the field, in stadiums, and everywhere in between.


Welcome to Devostage Studios, your gateway to the future of entertainment. As a decentralized virtual and mixed reality platform, Devostage showcases the talent of recording artists, actors, entertainers, authors and community leaders through an innovative blend of live and recorded programming. Step into our immersive world and experience performances like never before, where boundaries dissolve, and creativity knows no limits. From live concerts to interactive experiences with your favorite stars, Devostage brings you closer to the action, blurring the lines between reality and the digital realm. Join us as we redefine entertainment for a new era.


DevoStage Studios | Asymbli Music House | NVTD


Welcome to AEIE – the Annual Engagement and Innovation Exchange, hosted by Breach. AEIE serves as a vital platform where industry and community leaders, educators, policy makers, innovators, and executives converge to discuss strategic partnerships that bolster their regions' strength and vitality. Through dynamic panel discussions and thought-provoking conversations, AEIE sparks collaboration and innovation, driving positive change in communities worldwide.


But AEIE isn't just about discussion; it's also a platform for action. Breach takes this opportunity to unveil its latest partnerships and developments, sharing groundbreaking initiatives with a select audience of influencers and decision-makers. With its finger on the pulse of progress, AEIE ignites inspiration and fuels momentum, paving the way for a future defined by innovation and collaboration. Join us at AEIE and be part of the conversation that shapes tomorrow.

Breach Identified | AEIE 


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