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Featuring local start-ups gives students a first-hand look into design thinking and entrepreneurship. By tackling industry issues and creating solutions alongside homegrown companies, students organically develop a sense of ownership and confidence in their city. 

startup ecosystem

Corporations that provide products and services that improve the quality of life for residents and businesses engage with Lift Off students in ways not possible in a classroom setting. As many companies are focused on the next generation of talent, a unique introduction between the two happens during the 10-day experience. 


Students that participate in Lift Off not only are afforded the opportunity to learn from business owners, executives, professors, and subject matter experts, but also from their peers. This experience creates a bridge between classrooms, corporations, and communities that not only empowers students, but teachers as well.

students and teachers

Many high schools offer STEM-centered lessons to students but at times, fail to connect their classrooms to real-world projects and companies. Without this important bridge, data shows that students are failing to retain the material covered in classes for more than 1 academic year. Since 2018, Lift Off not only enhances what students learn year-round in school, but many times, is the first introduction to skills such as networking, critical thinking, emerging technology, peer-to-peer collaboration, and more. When students leave Lift Off and return to their classrooms, they return as leaders prepared to challenge their schools to become even better. 

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