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There's one thing that teachers and students agree on; students stop paying attention when the subject material is not relatable. cre8ivate strategically intersects areas of current PreK-12 student interests with exposure to areas in our growing workforce to provide a comprehensive and captivating learning experience. To request more information or to apply for access to our educator portal, please email us.



cre8iD lessons are designed to help young minds develop a healthy sense of identity through creative learning. Core subjects such as math, spelling, geography, science, and history are paired with arts-centered exercises, providing students with a complete and invigorating learning experience.



blendLAB is the intersection of arts, emerging technology, and hands-on experience. Students participate in group activities which promote and strengthen collaborative work skills, problem solving, public speaking, creative storytelling, researching and more. With lessons that include areas such as music, film, fashion and more, blendLAB is 6-8 learning amplified.



In today's educational ecosystems, many schools are working around the clock, (and in their budgets) to provide the best STEM classes and programming for their students. Countdown provides not only students, but also teachers with the necessary skills and lessons to adjust to the ever-changing world we all share. With a network of cutting-edge companies and workforce analysts enhancing the Countdown lesson plans, the transition from classroom to career is defined clearly activity to activity.



soundACTIVE is designed to enhance the current multimedia high school class format. Our fluid classes provide students with opportunities that offer experiences in many of today’s fastest growing fields in multimedia such as social media content acquisition, podcasting, streaming, gaming, advertising, and more. By combining entertainment and entrepreneurship, we are providing schools and communities with a direct pipeline to the next generation of high-skilled leaders.



Lift Off starts as a 10-day residential experience for high school students that transforms into a life-changing 10-month cohort. By introducing students to design thinking, emerging technologies and area businesses, they receive the necessary tools and network to improve the quality of life for all of us. 

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