"Creativity is as important now in education as literacy,

and we should treat it with the same status.”

- Sir Ken Robinson

blendLAB is the intersection of arts, STEM, and hands-on education. Students participate in group activities which promote and strengthen collaborative work skills, problem solving, public speaking, creative storytelling, and researching.


Lift Off starts as a 10-day residential experience for high school students that transforms into a life-changing 10-month cohort. By introducing students to Smart City initiatives, emerging technologies in STEM, and companies focused on developing connected communities, they receive the tools necessary

 to improve the quality of life for all of us.


Artificial Intelligence. Auto Machine Learning. Augmented Reality. Smart Technology. In today's educational ecosystems, many schools are working around the clock, (and in their budgets) to provide the best STEM classes and programming for their students. Solution You provides not only students, but also teachers with the necessary skills and lessons to adjust to the ever-changing world we all share.

Solution You®

The complete cre8ivate learning solution. Empower your district's instructors and students by introducing our comprehensive project-based learning experience today.


RadioACTIVE was designed to enhance the current multimedia high school class format.

Our customizable classes provide

students with opportunities that offer experiences in many of today’s fastest growing fields in multimedia such as podcasting, streaming, gaming, advertising, and more. By combining entertainment, STEM, and entrepreneurship, we are providing schools and communities with a direct pipeline to the next generation of high-skilled leaders.


BPM, a digital music creation experience, features 30, 60, and 90-minute sessions. This offering provides our hands-on lessons to students from ages 2-92. BPM was developed with accessibility for all as the focus and is an ideal experience for after-school students without regular access to music education classes, children with learning disabilities such as Autism Spectrum Disorder and Down Syndrome, and retirees looking to add some extra creativity to their schedule.


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