This means we provide innovative and educational experiences and opportunities that support classrooms, communities, and organizations. Our aim is to provide opportunities for students to create and practice the art of what's possible. Our curriculum consists of a healthy balance of right-brain, left-brain learning experiences designed to prepare students for the global innovation pipeline. Through our experience-centered cre8ivate curriculum, we've impacted over 1,600,000

K-12 students since 2014. 

Breach plays a critical role in addressing the consistent decline of quality education across the world as well as igniting the global technology talent pipeline.





We leverage technology and our network of collaborative partners to provide the best educational experiences to our students and our communities. Our belief is that students need lessons and environments that nurture both the right and left hemispheres of their brain in each class. With our cre8ivate curriculum, teachers and students are empowered and well-equipped for today’s ever changing world.


Since 2014, Breach has been committed to providing innovative lessons and experiences both inside the classroom and out.

Collaborative Power Creates Opportunities.


Breach exists to increase equity in educational impact and enhance the K-College & Career experience.

By developing healthy internships, apprenticeships and talent pipelines, we ignite communities

through arts and emerging technology.

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